Photography | Wedding Photography


A few years ago after a perfect wedding day, the couple thanked me for my friendship and for the beautiful images, and casually mentioned,

“we’ve decided that you’re going to be our photographer for LIFE!”

... which I’m now convinced in the best job in the whole world.

Being a “lifetime” photographer means that I have the privilege to walk with couples through lots of different seasons in their lives; from engagement to babies, and everything in between.

I believe in the marriages that continue to let me into their lives year after year, and I’m truly thankful to get to be a part of each one.

I don’t want to just photograph your wedding day, I want to document your life together.

Because it is truly so WORTH documenting. To tell the story of your family in each different chapter. To celebrate with you each year that you two continue to fight for and choose one another. To know your children and which superhero or princess they spend their day dressed up as.

Investing in beautiful images isn’t just for your wedding day,
but I believe that the story of your lives is absolutely worth telling, and that each chapter, in its own way, is more glorious than the last.