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“but i’d be fine watching you watch the sun go down
with your head on my chest and a blanket on the ground
cause everybody wants to chase the rainbow and find a pot of gold
hoping for a suitcase full of money
but all i want is you, honey”
– steve moakler
great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla01a fun couple and a beautiful fall evening?! doesn’t get any better than that! :)great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla03great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla05great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla08great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla10great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla15great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla18great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla19these next three are hands down my favorite from their session! sneak attach for the win! :)great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla22great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla23bwgreat_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla24great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla28great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla35great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla41then we headed over to great falls park, where the scenery is always to die for!great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla48great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla52great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla55great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla59great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla60another favorite for sure :)great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla66great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla67great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla70great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla71great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla74great_falls_va_engagement_portraits_dzurilla80can’t wait for these two to tie the knot next november at shadow creek! congrats again! happy wednesday!

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“it’s the most wonderful time of the year!”
– andy williams

2016holidayminisessionflier***UPDATE- ALL sessions for Saturday and Sunday are booked!! You can still email to be put on the waiting list, or for information on a standard portrait session***
Holiday Mini Session Details:

What: One 20 minute stylized holiday portrait session, resulting in 15-20 high resolution edited files available for downloading with a print release- perfect for holiday cards and gifts!
Where: Fairfax, VA
When: Saturday November 5th from 8:20-10:40AM and 2:00-5:20PM
Sunday November 6th from 8:20-10:00AM and 1:00-4:20PM (daylight savings!)
(Rain dates are November 19th and 20th)
Cost: $250- includes up to 5 people, $20 each additional person (no pets allowed)
Who: Anyone wanting beautiful holiday photos for cards or gifts!  All children should be at LEAST three months old to participate, as the sets are designed for little ones who are able to sit up on their own and older children.

In your email please include your name, how old your children are, and your top three preferences of date and time slot so I can match you up as close as possible! 

Appointments are open TODAY and will be available ONLY to all PAST clients for the first 48 hours, and then any remaining time slots will be opened up to new clients starting on Wednesday October 12th! Email to reserve your session!

This is the one and ONLY time of year that I offer mini sessions, and the focus is mostly on holiday photos to use for cards and gifts! Email ASAP to officially reserve your time slot for November 5th or 6th, and I look forward to seeing so many of you next month! :)

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  • Ashley Berger

    Do you have anything late Sunday afternoon. I have a conference that day in the morning.

    If possible and works out it would be myself, my husband and my 5 year old daughter.ReplyCancel

  • Stacie

    We would like to set up time during this event!ReplyCancel

  • Tara Giles


“sometimes when you pick up your child you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands, or smell the scent of your skin in the nape of his neck. this is the most extraordinary thing about motherhood – finding a piece of yourself separate and apart that all the same you could not live without.”
― jodi picoult
round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai01bmeet sebastian’s new baby brother, killian! sebastian and i have been best buds since the moment i met him, and killian and i hit it off right away too ;) he was an absolute dream to photograph; he snuggled right up and snoozed almost the whole time! sebastian was dishing out plenty of smiles and kisses for his little brother, and even a big hug for me at the end! :) success!! round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai02round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai04round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai06round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai08round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai10round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai12round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai13round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai14round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai17round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai21love his puckered up little lips! round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai24round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai25round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai28round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai32round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai33my favorite from their session!! i love the excitement on sebastian’s face! round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai35round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai37round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai40round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai41round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai42round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai46round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai47bwthis one comes in at a very close 2nd favorite ;) we asked him to lay next to killian, aaaaand this is what happened next! touché, sebastian. touché!round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai49round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai51round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai54round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai63round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai64round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai65round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai69and we got one tiny little smirk at the very end! :)round_hill_va_newborn_photographer_gyovai70you can go back and see their maternity portrait session HERE! thanks again for having me over! can’t wait to see you guys again in a few months! :) happy thursday!

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“they say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s bound to come true!”
– sleeping beautygreen_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman01these two little ladies were so fun to meet last week! we danced and twirled and jumped and sang frozen songs and had a fabulous time at green springs gardens for their family portraits! :)
green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman04beautiful ladies! :)green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman06her parents told me that she was the “shy” one… mhmm! sure, that smile on the left says it all! :)green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman07green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman13green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman15green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman16green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman19another favorite :) i asked harper to give ellie a kiss on the cheek, and i love that her other hand naturally landed right over ellie’s mouth ;) green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman20green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman22green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman25green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman27green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman31green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman34green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman36green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman44green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman45green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman46green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman49green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman55green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman56green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman60green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman66green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman67green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman71green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman73green_springs_gardens_family_portraits_holloman76thanks again for sharing your beautiful girls with me for the evening! hope to see your family again soon! :) xo!

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“me and you baby, walk in the footsteps
we’ll build our own family one day at a time
ten little toes, a painted pink room
our beautiful baby looks just like you”
– dan and shay
arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala01this sweet little girl is abigail, and thankfully you’ll get to see a lot more of her over this next year as she’s my newest (and tiniest!) baby’s first year client! :) arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala06arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala07arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala10abby much preferred to be snuggled during our session, and when it results like images like THIS i don’t mind it one little bit! my favorite! :)arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala15bwarlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala16she was so content just to hang out with mom and dad, and even dished out a few little ‘smiles’ :)arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala19arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala20arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala23arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala24arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala27arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala29arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala30arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala33arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala35bwthat shot on the left cracks me up! she had just sneezed a few times in a row, and in between sneezes it almost looked like she was smiling right at me! arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala37this special blanket was handmade just for her:arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala44arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala47arlington_va_newborn_photographer_cicala49thanks again for sharing her with me for the afternoon! can’t wait to see you all again in just a few short months! :) happy wednesday!

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