Dan and Jessie- Fairview Farm Richmond Wedding Photographer

“Love will protect, Love always hopes
Love still believes even when you don’t
Love is the arms that are holding you
Love never fails you.”
-Brandon Heath
Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson01love a bride in cowboy boots :)Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson08Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson16Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson28Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson33Doesn’t Jessie have the best smile?! love this shot that Katie grabbed:

Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson40Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson50Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson73Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson82Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson91these girls were the sweetest!! Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson113Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson117Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson124Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson142Jess was the most stunning bride!Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson164Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson172Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson202Dan and Jessie opted not to see each other before the ceremony, but they did want a few minutes to exchange cards and pray. It was so sweet hearing how excited, honored, and emotional Dan was about getting to marry Jessie :) Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson301time to get married!! I love being able to have Katie grab sweet shots like this of the bride and her father just seconds before they walk down the aisle while I photograph the groom waiting for his girl :)Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson348Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson351Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson356Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson358Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson375Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson384we had a perfect overcast day for their wedding, and even a few little rain drops during the ceremony, but it didn’t seem to phase anyone!Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson391Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson394Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson404LOVE these next few photos right after they were announced as husband and wife!Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson422Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson432one of my faaavorite photos from their day!Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson437Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson453Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson458Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson473Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson483Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson493love that shot on the left :) even moving from what spot to the next, these guys were still photo ready all the time :)Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson495Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson507Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson529Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson538Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson553Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson559Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson564Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson568Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson569IMG_1119Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson582Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson587Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson590we had about 5 minutes to do ALL of their wedding party photos, but these guys were such rock stars and made it happen!! Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson621Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson625Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson633Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson635Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson645Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson674Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson694Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson696Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson699Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson702Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson760that cake went eeeeeverywhere about 2 seconds later ;) Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson764Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson777Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson795Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson856HA! just because Jess and Dan made a special request for this image, I thought I’d include it :) since it had been raining all evening, that pavement was just a liiiiiittle slippery as they were making their big exit… thankfully Dan caught his balance REAL quick and made a full recovery before hitting the pavement ;) Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson867Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson869Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson874best. photobomb. EVER. way to go Dan. WAY. TO. GO! :) Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson880As always, thanks to Katie for being such a blessing and grabbing so many great shots throughout the day. Love having you as a partner in crime and creativity :) Dan and Jessie, thank you so much for letting us be part of your beautiful day!! Congratulations again to you both! :)Fairview_Farm_Richmond_Wedding__Robertson881

Venue: Fairview Farm
Wedding Gown: David’s Bridal
Florist: Deedee Anthony
Hair Stylist: Melody Reynolds
DJ: Lew Wright, Choice Entertainment
Videography: Tried and True, Caleb Gritsko
Cakes: homemade
Bridesmaids Dresses: Adrianna Pappell from Macy’s
Grooms Attire: Kenneth Cole Reaction
Invitations: A Handcrafted Wedding

December 5, 2014 - 10:26 am Gindy Mikey - Absolutely beautiful! So happy to have been apart of the day and to share the love and the joy! He's a GOOD man, Jessie, and I am so thrilled to know that you two will share the ride together, for His glory!

December 5, 2014 - 4:41 pm Elizabeth - STUNNING shots....what a gorgeous location!!!!

Anderson: 18 Months- Alexandria VA Family Photographer

“A cottage small is all I’m after
not one that’s spacious and wide
a house that rings with joy and laughter
and the ones you love inside…
give me the simple life.”
-Ella FitzgeraldNorthern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee04 As much as I love doing maternity sessions and getting to know my Baby’s First Year clients before the baby is born, when we DON’T have time to fit a maternity session in, we tack on a session at 18 months! That first year always flies by way too fast, so this always gives me something to look forward to :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee05 I absolutely love when clients will invite me into their home and let me photograph them doing what they do as a family :)Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee08 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee17 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee18 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee20 It was too funny to me that Anderson would try and sit on Jackson’s lap first every time! Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee24 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee25 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee33 these stockings will be full soon enough!Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee35 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee42 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee43 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee47 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee53 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee54 Anderson’s little dimples are my faaaavorite! he’s been flashing those sweet smiles for me since his newborn sessionNorthern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee56 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee59 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee61 Northern_VA_Family_Photographer_Lee65Happy Thursday! :)

Meet Harrison- Northern VA Newborn Photographer

“and I don’t see how you could ever be
anything but mine.”
-Kenny Chesney
Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver01 I’ve been excited to meet Harrison for a few months now, and I KNOW Nicole and Mike feel the same way ;) they were very ready to meet their little man! Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver03 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver05 he looks like he’s plotting his plan to take over ;) Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver10 Harrison was dishing out so many little smile! Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver12 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver14 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver16 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver21 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver22 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver23 GAH! my favorite :) look at that smile!! Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver25 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver27 that look on the right is Harrison saying “hey lady, i don’t know how you do things in your house, but this is NOT how we do nap time in this house!” :)Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver31 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver32 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver39 future hokie?? :) Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver52 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver58 the cutest little Santa you’ve ever seen :)Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver59 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver61 Northern_VA_Newborn_Photographer_Oliver67

Can’t wait to see you all again in just a few months! :) Happy Wednesday!

Andrew and Rachel- Reston VA Wedding Photographer

“He loved her of course, but better than that, he chose her, day after day. Choice: that was the thing.”
– Shernam AlexieReston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy02Andrew and Rachel are one of my fabulous couples getting married in 2015! They had their first date over at Reston Town Center, so it seemed appropriate to head over there for their engagement session too :)Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy04Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy07Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy10one of my favorites!Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy13Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy15Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy17I was loving all of the christmas lights on all the trees! Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy23Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy25Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy30their favorite spot, and where they had their first date! :)Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy33it was freeeeezing the day of their session, but it didn’t seem to phase these two! We jumped into Cosi for a cup of tea to warm up anyway :)Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy43Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy46Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy48Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy52Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy54Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy61Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy63and I’ll end with a few more favorites.. love the red, the big christmas tree, and all the lights behind them!Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy67Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy71Reston_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Koy72

Happy Monday! and Happy DECEMBER?!? so crazy! hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

December 3, 2014 - 11:39 am Karen Dimock - Beautiful pictures...You guys make a terrific couple!

December 3, 2014 - 6:07 pm Laura - Absolutely lovely.....

Meet Kian and Raina- Arlington VA Family Photographer

“There’s no place like home.”
– L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of OzNorthern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal05I have been so excited to meet these two little ones since this summer when I got to photograph their family maternity portraits! Kian and Raina are the perfect additions to their family :) Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal06aren’t they the cutest?!? love those little smiles!Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal11and Maya is the sweetest big sister!! You can tell right away how smitten she is with her brother and sister :)Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal14love those little dimples!Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal17Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal21Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal23Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal26Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal33Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal35Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal39Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal48bwNorthern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal50Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal51Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal54Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal60this just might be my favorite portrait of the 5 of them ;) I asked Maya how old she was and she VERY enthusiastically told me she was THREE!! :) Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal62Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal64Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal66Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal72As I took a few of just Pratibha and Vikram at the end she said “remember when it was just the two of us for that very first session?!” :) and while photos might have been a little less chaotic before babies, I think these three beautiful kids make for a great addition to their family portraits :)Northern_VA_Photographer_Agarwal75

Thanks again for sharing your babies with me for the past three years!! Can’t wait to see you all again! :) Happy Wednesday!