Gabriela: 1 Year! – Vienna VA Family Portraits

“and if the breeze won’t blow your way, I will be the sun
and if the sun won’t shine your way, I will be the rain
and if the rain won’t wash away all your aches and paines
I will find some other way to tell you you’re okay.”
– My Brightest Diamond
Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez02 How does the time always fly so quickly?! Can’t believe this little lady is already one! Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez03 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez09 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez14 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez15 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez17 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez20 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez22 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez24 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez25 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez30 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez37 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez42 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez50 LOVE that scrunchy nose smile! Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez54 Apparently miss Eliana is 3 going on 13 according to this photo ;)Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez55 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez56 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez59bw Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez64 Vienna_VA_Family_Portraits_Rodriguez70Happy 1st Birthday baby girl! To go back and see Gabriela’s 8 month session you can click HERE! :)

Sarah: 7 Months – Alexandria VA Family Photographer

“may you always have plenty
your glass never empty
and know in your belly
you’re never alone”
– Lady Antebellum
Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress01 Okay so these are technically more family portraits than just focusing on Sarah and the fact that she has changed SO MUCH since the last time I saw her for newborn portraits!! Look at those sweet cheeks! Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress05 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress08 such a happy baby!Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress13 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress14 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress15 snuggles for baby sister :)Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress21 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress25 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress27 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress31 Mr. Ben is a boy on the GO! Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress32 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress36 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress38whew holding up those big cheeks must be hard work! good thing she’s got a big brother who will let her rest them on his shoulder ;)
Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress48 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress51 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress55 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress56 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress59 Alexandria_VA_Family_Portraits_Bress68

Thanks again for having me over for the afternoon! It was so great to see you all! :) Happy Thursday!

Scott and Brittany- Burke Lake Park Engagement Portraits

“She’s the girl of a lifetime
A guy like me spends his whole life looking for
that girl right there’s
the perfect storm.”
– Brad PaisleyNorthern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel01 Meet Brittany and Scott, one of my incredible 2015 couples! We explored Burke Lake Park and lucked out with some gorgeous fall colors and a beautiful evening! These two made my job SO darn easy, and by the end of the session Scott goes “Hey that was actually fun!”… ahh every photographers DREAM! :) Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel02 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel07 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel09 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel12 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel16 one of my faaaavorites!Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel21bw Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel23 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel25 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel26 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel37 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel42 Brittany was trying to teach Scott how to balance… perhaps not so successfully ;) Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel46 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel59 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel63 love how Scott’s looking at her in this one :)Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel65 goodness gracious Britt you are GORGEOUS! Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel71 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel74Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel79 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel84 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel86 Northern_VA_Engagement_Portraits_Siegel94Can’t wait to celebrate with you both next July!! Happy Tuesday! :)

November 11, 2014 - 1:55 pm Heather - Love them!!! Absolutely love them!

November 12, 2014 - 10:59 am Patricia Siegel - The pictures are absolutely breathtaking! I cannot wait to see the wedding pictures!!

Meet Kennedy Ann- Northern VA Newborn Photographer

“and the sound of your sweet voice
it’s better than all my dreams
oh everything
you mean everything
everything to me.”
– Ben Harper
Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland02I had the privilege of photographing Brittany and Kenny’s engagement and wedding photos back in 2010, and I’m so thankful they continue to allow me to photograph their growing family :) The last time I had Riley in front of my camera she was about a week old for her newborn portraits, and now she’s a big sister!! Riley is absolutely 100% smitten with her baby sister and is SO attentive and loving towards her! I couldn’t get over how much Riley loved holding Kennedy, giving her kisses, and just being close to her. These two are already best buddies :)Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland05bw Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland08 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland12 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland15bw Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland18 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland19aaaaaaand MELT! hands down one of my favorite family portraits I’ve ever taken :) I knew this was a favorite from the moment I took it! Kenny is the BEST dad to these girls!Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland27 Brittany, I love how well you love your family. Your girls are so lucky to have you as their mama! Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland30 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland37 another favorite :)Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland39bwdoesn’t she look so proud of herself?! :) she sat there and gave Kennedy her entire bottle! such a good big sister :)
Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland47oooooh my goodness, Riley’s little puckered up lips in this next image are the cutest thing!
Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland58 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland61 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland67 story time! and look at how Riley is looking at Kennedy! :)Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland68 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland75 such a pretty baby!Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland79 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland80 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland83 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland85 kisses all around! Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland87bw Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland94 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland95 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland103 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland109 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland110 Northern_VA_Newborn_Portraits_Moreland111Thanks again for sharing your girls with me! Can’t wait to see you all again soon! :)

November 10, 2014 - 11:38 am Grandma & Grandpa Moreland - Jessie - Thank you for these incredible photos! You are blessed with such a great gift!

Cana: 1 Year! – Clifton VA Family Photographer

“You’re going to wish these days
hadn’t flown by so fast.”
-Trace AdkinsClifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner01bw The last time I saw Cana was for her 6 month portraits and she was just starting to sit up all by herself, and now she’s running all over the place! I can’t believe how much she’s grown in just 6 months, AND she just celebrated her very first birthday last week! :) Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner06 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner12 she is a girl on the GO!Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner17 and she’s pretty darn excited to be ONE! :)Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner23 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner28 she brought along her most favorite books to read!Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner30 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner35 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner39 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner42 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner44 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner47 my favorite from their session! love this! :) Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner49 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner52 although this one does come in at a VERY close 2nd favorite!Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner56 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner58 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner62 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner64 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner66 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner68 Clifton_VA_Baby_Portraits_Gardner69Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Cana girl! :) Happy Friday!