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“it must have been the most beautiful day
looking down on all creation
he took a river that winds and turns
he took a fire that breathes and burns
and put it all in place
in the most perfect way
when God made woman”
– keith urban
Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones01remember sweet Piper from her last portrait session? well this happy little girl is already 8 months and as smiley as ever!Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones08she is going to chasing her big brother here in no time, she was happier standing than anything else!Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones11Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones17Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones20We were able to do the session in Charlottesville at Hunter’s parents home, where there are all kinds of friends to make! :)Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones25Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones29Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones30Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones31Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones36love those chubby cheeks and baby toes!Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones37Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones41Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones45Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones47Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones52Gray and his GDaddy are best buds, if you couldn’t already tell :)Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones53Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones56Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones61Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones62they’re a pretty big fan of their GMommy too :)Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones72Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones77Charlottesville_VA_Portrait_Photographer_Jones82

Can’t believe the next time I see this girl she will be ONE! :) Happy Friday!

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“you’re safe from the world wrapped in my arms
and I’ll never let go.”
-Andy Griggs
Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger01Remember this handsome little man from his newborn session? Well look how he has grown in just a few short months!Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger03have you ever seen a cuter serious expression?!Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger04Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger07Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger08one of my favorites :) this little bridge is my faaaavorite spot at Meadowlark Gardens!Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger09Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger12Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger16Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger22such a sweet baby!Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger24he was clearly NOT amused by these flowers and wanted nothing to do with sitting by himself ;)Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger26Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger27love those baby snuggles!Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger38Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger41Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger43Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger47i could have stayed in this one spot the whole time! i love the color of those flowers, and of course that cute baby in front of them too :)Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger48Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger53Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger54Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger56Meadowlark_Gardens_Portraits_Rehberger57can’t wait to see you guys again in a few months! happy wednesday! :)

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“Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be Astonished.
Tell about it.”
– Mary Oliver
Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan01Meet Sarah! she’s the newest addition to their family and already covered in pink and tons of smooches from her two big brothers :)Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan04Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan08Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan10Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan12Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan13Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan19Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan21Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan22Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan25Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan29John was so quick to ask if he could hold his baby sister, and I think he dished out so many kisses that by the end of it he said “I ran out of kisses!!”Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan31Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan32Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan35Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan40Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan43Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan49it’s easy to share your toys when you know your sister will give them right back :)Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan50one of my favorites :)Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan51he thought it was too funny that she was passed out asleep in the middle of the floor :)Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan54one of John’s favorite things in the world is the choir at their church and watching the music director. they say he always spreads out his books on the couch, and tells their family “turn to page 649!” or whatever song number should pop into his mind, and loves to practice his conducting skills :)Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan56i think he’s going to give the choir director at their church a run for his money one of these days!Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan59Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan62Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan79Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan82Arlington_VA_Family_Photographer_McMahan84

Thanks again for having me over for the afternoon! can’t wait to see you all again soon! :)

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“I will never stop trying
I will never stop watching as you leave
I will never stop losing my breath
Every time I see you looking back at me
I will never stop holding your hand
I will never stop opening your door
I will never stop choosing you, babe
I will never get used to you.”
– Safetysuit
Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo001they spent the entire day laughing. whether it was with their wedding party, their guests, or in a quiet moment with just the two of them, they had a permanent smile on their face and were constantly making one another laugh. i watched them throughout the day and kept thinking how that quality will see them through so many days to come. the sign that hung on their chairs during the reception said “best friends for life: husband and wife” and that so perfectly sums them up. anyone who is around Kevin and Heather for 5 seconds can tell that they are absolutely best friends, and it was such an honor to be with them this past Saturday when they officially promised to be best friends for life :) Thank you both so much for allowing Katie and I to be a small part of your day and for making us feel so welcome!Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo12Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo13isn’t that the most stunning ring?!Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo19gosh Heather you are the most stunning bride! i loved seeing you so SO happy all day long :)Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo39Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo40Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo42these next two are both Katie’s view… ps doesn’t the flower girl have the most stunning curls?!Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo43Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo54Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo66Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo81Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo117Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo122Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo131they had the perfect spot for their first look!Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo139i love that the first thing she did when she got close enough was grab his butt ;)Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo141Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo146Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo154Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo163Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo169Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo171Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo179Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo182Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo204one of my favorites :)Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo207Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo221Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo229i could have done portraits of these two ALL. DAY. LONG.Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo233Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo257Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo261Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo264loved Katie’s angle:Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo267lookin’ good, gentlemen!Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo281I said, “okay guys, for next 15 seconds I need you to look as COOL as you possibly can!”… aaaand this was what happened ;) apparently they were REALLY excited about the socks!Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo291Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo343these guys were all kinds of fun!Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo354Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo360Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo369Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo376this is one of my favorite shots of the day! Katie took this right before Heather walked down the aisle with her dad :)Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo480isn’t that the cutest sign?!Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo485i don’t think she was thrilled about left behind by the other flower girl ;) this makes me laugh every time i see it!Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo491Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo507Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo525Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo527Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo535Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo546MARRIED!! :)Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo563Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo566another favorite :)Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo572Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo630Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo631Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo637Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo677Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo678love these two that Katie took during their first dance:Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo680Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo718Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo729Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo731Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo737Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo741it isn’t every day that you see Batman out on the dance floor ;)Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo742Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo788pretty sure this was the best moment of his life (and also like he’s leading the revolution in Les Miserables ;) )Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo808Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo838she was so very nice to him, and yet somehow she ended up with frosting all over her face! go figure :)Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo839Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo864Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo872Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo877not sure what happened to all the guys, as soon as he got ready to toss the garter they all seemed to lose feeling in their legs!Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo878Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo889Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo945quite possibly my favorite two pictures from the day :) I just adore you both!Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo948Westfield_Golf_Club_Wedding_Colombo949
Ceremony and Reception- Westfield Golf Club in Clifton VA
Wedding Gown- Maggie Sottero- purchased at Rosalyn’s Bridal
Florist- Bride’s Aunt
Hair- Kelly Baehr
DJ- Ryan Mosel
Videographer- TJ Covert
Cake- Dennis Stanley
Bridesmaids Dresses- Dessy Collection/Alfred Sung/After Six – purchased at Best Bridals VA
Grooms Attire- Men’s Warehouse
Photo Booth- America’s Party Company

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  • Congratulations Heather and Kevin. My your life together be filled with a love that always grows, a patience that never ends and fun that knows no bounds.

    And, for your photographers – Nice work for my niece and her husband. Thanks for caring and for working to get the good shots.

    Uncle MarkReplyCancel

“the baby years are short, kind of like five minutes… it doesn’t seem like it, but he will go on to kindergarten then read the harry potter series then join the ‘ninja club’ in middle school then play high school soccer and rent his first tux for prom and run over a fence in his truck. you will hit your knees and thank God that you got to parent this kid, that he was yours. my gosh…what a gift.”
– jen hatmakerNorthern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold01I’m still not quite sure how it all happened so fast, but last month this handsome little man celebrated his very first birthday. clearly he’s been ignoring everyone’s desperate pleas for him to just stay little, because he showed up to his first birthday session waving, talking, and ready to take off chasing the horses. I get to hear Ethan stories and updates a couple times a week from Dan who has been my personal trainer for a couple years now, but it’s way more fun to see him in person than to see him in photos on Dan’s phone :)Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold03he is going to be walking in no time!Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold04Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold06Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold07we did the session at the barn where my mom keeps her two horses and Ethan was SO fascinated by them! As soon as mom walked up with Charlie he got so excited and wanted to walk right over to him.Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold14I really think at this point he would have wrapped his arms around Charlie’s nose in a big hug if he could have…Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold16but as soon as Ethan reached out for Charlie, Charlie (who will lick you upside the face if you get close enough..) decided to snuggle in close…Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold17and ended up bonking Ethan on the head which knocked him off his feet… (can you see the look of feeling betrayed on Ethan’s face?)Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold19… which didn’t go over so well ;) after that I think Ethan so badly wanted to be close to the horses, but kept having flash backs of a big horsey nose knocking him over, so he decided to maintain his distance for the rest of the session :)Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold20I sent this photo to Dan explaining, “I feel like Ethan’s looking at you saying, ‘wait, you want me to do WHAT?! you’re crazy…’ it’s a look i’ve dished out to you many times, so i know it well :)” he said he can’t figure out WHY people keep giving him that look, but as one of his (ahem) favorite clients at the gym for the past few years I can come up with a couple ideas as to why ;)Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold25Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold26Dan and Heather said this was one of the very first times Ethan has stood up for a while without holding onto anything… go Ethan go! Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold33Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold36Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold37Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold39Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold41Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold42i love love love this next handful of images of Heather with Ethan..Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold44one of my favorites from their session! being a mama looks SO beautiful on you Heather!Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold47Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold49Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold54Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold58Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold59Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold60and up walked another horse and the struggle began again.. he so badly wanted to go over and see him, but you can see that look in his face that says he’s thinking twice about it…Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold66but he decided to go anyway! it was so cute how excited he would get watching them and walking over to say hi, and then as soon as he got close enough to touch them he decided he needed someone to hold him after all. can’t say i blame him, those horses are BIG!Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold70Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold86Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold88Northern_VA_Family_Portraits_Merold93happy first birthday, little friend! :)Untitled-1you can go back and see Ethan’s newborn portraits, four month portraits, and eight month portraits as well! Happy Wednesday! :)

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  • Heather

    Jessie I cannot begin to thank you! I love, love, love all of these!!! Thank you for sharing <3ReplyCancel