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Luis and Angela – Great Falls VA Engagement Photographer

“some day we’ll wake up
with thousands of pictures
65 years in this little house
i won’t trade for nothing, the life that we built
i’ll kiss you goodnight and say i love you still”
– dan and shay
Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich01these two invited me into their gorgeous home that they’ve turned into their own personal sanctuary and retreat from the world for the engagement portrait session, and i could not be more excited to photograph their at-home wedding in just a few short weeks! i can completely understand why they are so crazy about their home, they’ve worked so hard to make it something really special, and i love that they are officially starting their lives together and becoming husband and wife in the place that means the most to them! :)Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich09oh and did i mention, angela is wearing the same dress she was wearing the night luis spotted her across the restaurant and knew he just had to meet her?! :) swoooooon!! Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich12Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich14Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich17Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich18Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich21Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich23Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich24luis built those round tables from an old tree that had to be torn down on their property, i love how he breathed new life into it and what a gorgeous statement piece they make next to the pool!Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich30Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich32Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich34Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich39Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich45Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich48Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich53they have THE most gorgeous porch off of their main house, and no matter the season they spend every evening right here on this porch! i would do the exact same!Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich58Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich60every session should end with toes in the pool and a glass of wine in hand :) Great_Falls_VA_Wedding_Photographer_Emrich65can’t wait to see you both again in just a few short weeks! happy monday! :)

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