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Jonathan and Kathryn- University of Maryland Engagement Portraits

“I’m writing this in part to tell you that if you ever wonder what you’ve done in your life, and everyone does wonder sooner or later, you have been God’s grace to me…”
– Marilynne RobinsonUniversity_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits02We roamed around the University of Maryland as they have done so many times before. I heard stories of dates to Rita’s for italian ice and of walking through the fountain (because you just have to at some point!) I heard the story of Jon waiting eagerly and patiently to ask Kathryn to officially be his girlfriend, while Kathryn talked and talked as they lapped the campus. Eventually he did get to ask her that very important question, and now five years later we walked those same paths during their engagement session! I love when we’re able to shoot in a place that really has a special meaning to the couple, and this campus definitely holds a place in both of their hearts.University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits04University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits08University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits14University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits15of course they wanted to make sure that Testudo made an appearance in their session… done and done! :)University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits18University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits23University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits25University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits26University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits35it was raining cherry blossoms! :)University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits39University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits41University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits50University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits54University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits55make a wish!University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits61… oooor not! their little dandelion was quite determined to stay together ;)University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits62this gate was donated by the class of 1910 and is one of Kathryn’s favorite spots on campus!University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits65University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits66University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits69good gosh i could have photographed you two alllllll day! thanks for making my job so darn easy :)University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits75one of my favorites for sure!University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits82University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits87bwJon’s only request was a photograph of her jumping on his back, and i was more than happy to oblige!University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits89University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits94University_of_Maryland_Engagement_Portraits97I can’t WAIT for your wedding this August!! thanks again for showing me all around your favorite place! :) xoxo!

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