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Meet Benjamin- Vienna VA Newborn Photographer

I was at Great Wolf Lodge having chased a bunch of 4th and 5th grade girls around all day, and finally crawled into bed around midnight and tried to keep my eyes open long enough to check my email on my phone really quickly. However as soon as I saw what was waiting for me in my inbox I sat straight up in my bed, eyes wide open.  Mike and Carolyn’s sweet Benjamin was finally here, and not only was he here but he was perfect… and my eyes filled with tears. There was a photo of this sweet little face that we’ve all waited so long to meet, and it just overwhelmed me with joy and thanksgiving for this precious boy. Mike and Carolyn and their family have been some of our families dearest friends for as long as I can remember, and was so wonderful to get to spend last Friday afternoon with them and see them in their new role of Mom and Dad :) Safe to say we are all completely smitten with Benjamin, and I’m so thankful that I get to watch him grow over this next year! Mike and Carolyn, I couldn’t be happier for you both! Thank you for sharing Ben with me for the afternoon and letting me snuggle your sweet boy! Congratulations again, and happy viewing! :)

While they were getting Benjamin ready for the session, I took some photos of the absolutely STUNNING nursery Carolyn designed! This little owl, who you will remember from their ‘embrace the belly’ session last month, was the first piece she found and the inspiration for the rest of the nursery: I absolutely love how Carolyn pieced everything together! How gorgeous is that crib?!
I was so impressed that they already had a few photos of Ben in the frames in his room! :) oh hey Ben! :) such a handsome boy! Ben was wide awake for the first half of the session, he didn’t want to miss a thing! :) love this shot of the three of them: he was the perfect little subject and let us move him all around once he fell asleep :)
perfect little lips :) Ben was perfect; i couldn’t believe how easily he let me move him all around the house without stirring at all :) love how tiny he looks in this photo! if I haven’t already mentioned it 100 times already, I L.O.V.E. seeing my friends so happy :) I’ve always known Carolyn was going to be the most incredible mom, but watching her in action with Ben she just blew me away. He is a very lucky little boy to have a mama like this! :)
That shot on the right of Carolyn and Ben holding hands is one of my favorites from the whole day :) It always amazes me how perfectly they fit in their Daddy’s hands at this age :) my favorite from my time with them :) photos like this are the ones that I want to define my business and my approach to photography. Authentic. Emotional. Real :) This cradle was one that Carolyn’s parents used for all of their kids, and i love that now Benjamin gets to use it! :) perfection :) 
Happy Monday!

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