Cedar Belle: One Year! – Centreville VA Family Photographer

“we’ll build a little cabin on a little tall hill
plant a little garden, pray for every meal
and we’ll grow, and we’ll grow
take a little nap in the butterfly grass
just you and I and the clouds that pass
and we’re close, so close.”
-Dave Barnes
When Katie and I were talking about locations for Cedar’s first birthday session, I asked her to think about all of her favorite things, and what they loved to do as a family. When she explained that their favorite time of day was the evenings when they would go for a family walk together, I knew that would be the perfect thing to do to document this specific season for their family. I’m so glad they let me tag along for the evening :)I’m still in denial that this baby girl is actually ONE. Wasn’t it just the other week that we did her newborn portraits?! and I know you will remember miss Cedar Belle from their mommy&me lavender field portraits from this summer! and of COUSE there’s the cutest Mickey Mouse ears you’ve ever seen too! love both of these next ones :)As soon as I saw this next one I sent a little screen shot of it to Katie, and I think she already has a spot on their wall picked out for the canvas that I’m sure she will be ordering :) definitely one of my favorites from their session!
family walks are the best :)and no walk is complete with out a trip to the playground! This girl was loving the swing!but OH my gosh her face would light up when she’d go down the slide! too cute!! oh hey sweet girl! CBelle will give a big smile and wave to everyone she sees :)love this one too!! :)how cute is her 1st birthday outfit?! she wasn’t too sure about that cupcake at her birthday party, but I think now she’s got the hang of it :)oooh that sugary little smirk melts my heart!we ended the session with her other favorite activity, bath time!! :)Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Cedar Belle! Love you dearly, baby girl! :)

September 17, 2014 - 6:25 pm Katie Covert - They get better every time I look at them! Thank you for capturing our family time so beautifully Sweet Friend :o) Love these and love YOU!

September 18, 2014 - 5:03 pm Lisa - You KNOW what I think. That is one beautiful - family. Cedar Belle CANNOT be one, already! Hi Katie!

Raymond and Julia are expecting! – Woodstock VA Maternity Portraits

“Take courage when the road is long
Don’t ever forget you’re never alone
I want you to live forever
Underneath the sky so blue”
- Drew Holcomb
The last time I saw Robert he was just about a week old for his newborn portrait session back in 2012, and now he’s about to be a big brother! :) We were able to do these portraits at the house that has been in Raymond’s family for generations, and I absolutely love that we were able to work in a location with so much meaning to them! It reminded me SO much of my grandparents house in Tennessee, and I could have sat and talked with Raymond’s sweet mother all day long! I may or may not be already planning a trip back to visit with her again ;) a boy can only hide behind his mama’s legs for so long until his daddy catches up to him anyway ;)
motherhood looks SO incredibly beautiful on you, Julia :)one of my favorites :)don’t you love their front porch?!oooh man, this was the moment Robert had been waiting for! When his dad would finally let him go see the “cor-pet!” I think he would have sat riiiight here all day long if we’d let him :) oh and I love the CNU sticker that is still hanging on to it’s spot on the car ;)… it’s all about the belly ;)these two have the sweetest relationship!belly bumps!these little booties for the baby didn’t last very long before Robert tried to put them on his own feet ;)so throughout this pregnancy Julia and Raymond have lovingly been referring to this baby as “Bananas”, so it only seemed fitting that we end the session at their favorite local ice cream stop for a big sunday in honor of baby Bananas! Thanks again for letting me come spend the evening with you all! Can’t wait to meet “Bananas” so soon!! :) Happy Monday!

Meet Piper- Washington DC Newborn Photographer

“she remembers the change in her body
the blooming within
and how her heart seemed to flutter with the wind
then one night as the days grew longer
that indian summer
she brought love into the world
cried and held me then
… forever changed”
-Carrie UnderwoodI absolutely love that first image and how true to their family it feels to me. Lots of laughter, and a few little nibbles on Gray’s toes ;) this little friend stole the show :) these two are such good buds, and their sweet puppy is SO patient and wonderful with him!she had just give Gray a biiiig kiss right on the lips! resulting in the cutest little giggle :)ha! Gray’s expression in this next photo makes me smile every time :)every other newborn photographer out there will understand how hard it can be to get a baby, a toddler, and a puppy into the same photo, so needless to say I’m pretty happy with this next one :) kisses for baby sister! biiiig stretch!love these next two of Hunter with his girl:Man, if I can look even half this stunning 4 days after delivery a baby, I will be a very thankful mama one day! beautiful ladies:and I’ll end with one more favorite image! story time in Gray’s room :) You can go back and see their maternity session HERE! Thanks for sharing your sweet kiddos with me for the afternoon! Can’t wait to see you all again in just a few months! :)

Landon: One Year! – McLean VA Family Portrait Photographer

“I have learned that to be with those I like is enough.” – Walt WhitmanWe spent the morning playing at one of Landon’s favorite places, Clemyjontri Park in McLean! it’s amazing to me how much they learn to do in that first year. Landon was loving exploring the park and climbing on everything he could get to!He was a liiiiiittle shaky standing on his own, but I bet he will be running in circles around that park in the next month or two! love me some baby eyelashes :) How adorable is Landon’s first birthday outfit?! He wasn’t too sure about the carousel when it first started moving, but it looks to me like he thinks it’s pretty awesome now! and we saved the best for last! he dove right in to that cupcake :)Happy 1st Birthday, Landon! You can go back and see his 6 month portrait session HERE!

September 8, 2014 - 7:15 pm Grandma - Thank you for sharing all these adorable children with me. You are the best! xoxoxoxoxo

Jack: One Year! – Fairfax VA Family Portrait Photographer

“And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!”
– Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things AreJack: “guys! i GOT it! I can walk all by myself, thankyouverymuch!” :)his little scrunchy nose smile is just all kinds of cute :) one of my favorites!there are only so many ways you can make a boy on the go stay still… this being one of them ;) he’s a lucky boy to have grandparents like these! it took him a few minutes to figure out that cake was awesome at his birthday party, but this 2nd time around he had learned his lesson and he dove RIGHT in! Sure Buddy, that seems like a fine place to rest your feet :) do you see that gigantic chunk he has in his hands?! he wasn’t messing around :)then it was time for a little dip in his pool to wash some of that cake off!those little curls just melt my heart! splish splash!the best part of bathing a baby are the snuggles that follow :)Happy Birthday, Jack!! :)You can go back and view his 6 month portraits HERE! it’s one of my favorites! :) Happy Monday!